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Thread: Still doing the job

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    Still doing the job

    As some of you will know I let a young friend of mine in Finland have my old Tikka 270, as I bought a new T3Lite last year. He has just sent me this photo of his father who is a very well respected hunter in the area with a Bull Moose taken with the Tikka.

    After many years of hunting with this rifle and having taken all the manner of game at home and abroad its nice to know that the old girl still produces the goods.

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    Blimey! If I shot an animal like that I'd need to move house to get a wall big enough to put it on!!

    Cracking photo by the way, and good to see a faithful rifle being put to good use.


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    I bet she`s brought back some good memories seeing her again Malcom

    To my mind if a .270 can knock a beast like that down then it`s good enough for anything.


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    Need a mansion for that head
    Good to see the old girl shooting straight malc

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    Great picture but can't see that Finnish Camo catching on over here

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    Whenever you feel like departing with an old friend! 8) Rifle that is , please consider people on these shores after all they may not travel well. OK your last one did and you've' proved it! that's a damn big Mouse! (Mousse) You being Scottish n that!and tighter than a ducks arse in water ! consider not shedding your freebies overseas take the view that it can be RECYCLED here .(my Mrs is from the (BLACK ISLES) black i tell ,yer) So anyone out there with a gizit! or a I dont' need it anymore ,please feel free to send it to me,postage paid !. also I dont accept dead stuff , so keep GRANNY in the cupboard.

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    Whoa - the size of that beast! Do you think he's sat there thinking 'Now, how the f*ck do I drag this home?'


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    Trapper, very kind of your offer to relieve me of any further rifles also I must correct you, as I am NOT Scottish.

    You may have guessed that it is a legal requirement for hunters in Finland to wear Red or Orange whilst hunting. I have hunted a few times in Finland, last time it was -23 rather chilly!!!!

    The Finn's are tough hunters and it is a great country with great traditions, and once they get to know you, you have friends for life.

    Cheers I am now off to start packing for the trip North, to the Highlands, my second home, Quad Bike, Dog, Rifles, Ammo, Bino's and of course a nice bottle of single malt to keep me company by the fire ahhhhhhhhhh life dosnt get much better than that.

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    i reckon you would have to have your own teeth to dine on that chap

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    Nice rifle and being put to excellent use. Should be there myself but circumstances have conspired against me at present,maybe later.

    No problem Irishgun, they mince up the tough bits and waste nothing. The Finns have a high respect for their quarry and (apart from crows ) in my experience, if they shoot it they will eat it including gooseander.

    Moose is excellent to eat and I prefer it to our venison and is only surpassed by reindeer.

    As moose are generally driven to the guns by beaters when one is shot it is extracted by the whole party dragging it. As they can weigh up to 800 - 1000 lbs when mature. This can be difficult as where I shoot the ground is a mix of bog, pine forest and undergrowth interlaced wiyh drainage ditches. If more than 2 -3 kilometers from a road then the beast is skinned, cut up and carried out and that ain't easy either. Generally they try to position the guns as close to the road as possible to make extraction as easy as possible. The groups i shoot with are smallish and won't shoot more than 3 mature beasts a day or 4 for a weekend as extraction and processing take quite a time.

    I have seen them being recovered when shot by a single hunter on farmland. The recovery vehicle was a large JCB and the bull was overhanging the front bucket.

    As Sikamalk says it can get pretty cold and most domestic freezers are set at -18 in this country so you can experience similar conditions to a waiting gun if you like by wrapping up well and lying in your chest freezer for an hour or so. You then will understand why, in cold weather, after each drive a fire is lit coffee brewed and sausages roasted over the fire - very warming.

    I don't know the ratio of sausages eaten for numbers of moose shot in Finland, maybe Sikamalk can help out on this one!


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