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Thread: Advice on scope choice please

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    Advice on scope choice please

    Hi all,
    I recently purchased a very nice Tikka 595 in 7mm-08 from Moonraker68‎ on this site , I am now looking for a suitable scope.
    The rifle came with 30mm rings so would prefer to utilise these. It will mainly be used for hill stalking, shots to a max of 300m and I would prefer to keep the weight of the package down (non of us are getting any younger). So if any of you have any recomendations, I would love to hear them and the reasons why you are recomending them.

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    S+B 8x56, I've got the 6x42 and ts great as a stalking scope, very robust(dropped it from the car and it held zero) good all round scope.

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    If you would spend 500, there was a Swaro PF 8x50 in the classifieds, perfect for your purposes. You should also get a fixed 8x56 for that sort of dough.

    Just watch out, a lot of the fixed 8x's are 1" rather than 30mm.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Agree with Claret Dabbler

    I have a swaro 8x50 and a S&B 8x56.

    The swaro doe's the same job but is just nicer !!

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    Nothing much to add but I find a 50mm objective a better size than the 56mm whoppers so my vote would be the 8x50 too (or preferably a 4-16x50 !!!)

    You dont need the extra mag but it is nice. I shot a buck the other night at about 70 yards after winding up the mag whilst looking at the deer to check it was a buck (piddly small antlers). After the shot I looked and it was on 18 power (NF 5.5-22x50)

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    have s/b 8x56 and 6x42 hungarian great quality for the think my first one was about 300 around now around 500 no fiddling about just point and shoot !!

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    David, it used to wear a Schmidt & Bender Hungarian 8x56, which worked well.

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