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Thread: quail any of you guys and girls keep them

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    quail any of you guys and girls keep them

    not at all stalking related. but knowing what i like i guess a few people on here will keep quail. im after advice really. i want to hatch eggs and then rear birds for egg and meat production. i have incubator and brooder etc but need any advice on housing please

    regards pj

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    Good post Pj1, my wife was on about getting some the other day, no point us having chickens as next door have chickens and we trade them venison for eggs. I wait the responses with interest.



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    Yes I have quail they are the easiest of all to incubate, just hatch them put them under a in fared light, feed chick crumbs and away you go.

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    used to rear them to feed to raptors ,had them in wire floored mesh cages, easy to keep make a nice noise too ,picked a few eggs for myself too !

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    I have a few bantams already but really fancy something for the table too. I have visions of venison terrine with quail eggs through tthe middle. Really trying to sort out housing. Space is a little limited so was looking at a double rabbit hutch. What are your thoughts.

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    I found them more awkward than useful. Eggs are hard to peel when boiled and you need so many of them to actually make anything with. And likewise the meat. So little meat on them. Also the European ones i had which are the biggest make the most god awful noise at first light.

    I moved onto ducks!

    Also if you are housing in a hutch, be aware of them hurting themselves, they like to just straight up. I had a 1 metre high pen for them and that was about the right height

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    put them in cages 28 x15 once settled they dont hurt themselves put 1 cock and 2 hens together i had 6 trios and got 12 eggs a day

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    We used to keep quail in chicken arks, these were not that suitable as the Quail would spook and hit their heads on the wire, they were however very productive.

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    How did the quail cope with the cold. Some say they need heat others say as long as there is no draught then they are ok

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    bobwhite quail arent so bad , the runs i had where 18inches high with plastic mesh roofs so they couldnt get enough speed up to scalp themselfs , small gauge wire floors to help make them rat & escape proof and a shelter on the end with a nest box , through winter they went under a lean to and up on legs that way they had enough shelter and the dropping were swept away from underneath . that was quite large scale but a trio will do well in a rabbit hutch

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