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Thread: quads which one

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    quads which one

    hello all i am thinking of geting my first quad after looking about and going to rodertsons of tain to see what they have i am a bit taken aback by the prices for hondas and theyare second hand. i have been looking also at quadzilla quads they seem like very good bikes for the price a brand new one for the price of a half decent second hand honda. so my ? is does any of my fellow members use these quadzilla bikes and if so are they ay good. or does anyone know if they are any good. cheers

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    only ever had yamaha and honda and quite a few ! from what i have seen of quadzilla they look ok for a bit of recreational work the odd bit of extraction but for serious use daily for a deer manager ,guide,stalker,keeper then you have to consider the overall package -reliability ,parts ect so HONDA for me ,good luck

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    I am on my third kowasaki good tool but it does not get the hammer of daily use on the hill.Saw one at great Yorkshire show called Farr price was right and build quality looked good but know no more about them.
    Friend of mine had a polaris diesal ran all day on a tank of red he hammered the life out of it for 18months daily use with few problems.

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    A farming friend recently attended a H&S course. Part of the course covered the use of ATVs. Out of the 20 farmers there, 18 had Honda ATVs. If you are not totally dependent of it's reliability the cheaper quadzilla will do but if you want a reliable work horse get a Honda.

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    Hondas are bomb-proof and i know of a 20 y.o. 250 that has never had the oil changed and running a car tailpipe and it has never broke down.

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    Stick to Japanese Honda yam Kawasaki etc, they are proven in the field

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    Have a yamaha, gets a fair bashing only gripe being a new alternator and cracked chassis. The nater has also gone on another 660 I know of. Used most days couldn't be without it.
    Honda's are great also, saw a Suzuki the other day that was a chain drive . Local farm shagged a new polaris in a year and a half.

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    aye thanks to all.. i mind when i worked as a ghillie we had a polaris it spent more time on the hill broken down than working.. yeh i sorta knew honda was the the one but the prices saw some not long ago no shortage of them... i asked about one that looked quite well used couple hundred hours on it obviousely an ex farm bike as it was still covered in cows ****. how much says i 2grand says he ..not what i was exspecting. quadzillas look like they have a longer wheel base and they come with a whinch but like what has been said at the end of the day you need reliability last thing you need is to be broken down miles out and in **** weather and the lights going out so i guess i had better get my penies saved . cheers for the comments

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    My Honda is 11years old been in a bump causing bent chassis,stripped straightend rebuilt and still goes where i want to go.


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    i got an o7 honda 500 foreman in farm used condition so covered in sh*t ect from a agri dealer i trust he didnt touch it came to me from the farm cost 2,100 +vat the killer, spent a few quid on it like new now .the dealer would have charged another grand to do what i did but through him i knew it wasnt nicked as they supplied it to the farm in the first place .

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