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    has anyone a copy of Pack and rifle by philip holden they would be willing to part with? cheers jon

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    Hav'nt got a copy , but have read it and several others by same author, very good reading....these guys certainly had thier metal tested..

    Good luck with your search

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    I have one. How much is it worth?
    (just googled the title and Amazon are selling used ones for 115)!!!
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    I had one and loaned it to the late Sandy Duncan of Monar Deer forest and eventually Glen Esk, so if you know someone down that way it's in Glen Esk.
    Got another copy but the cover was a bit worse the ware from Craig Harbison from Barisdale when he was in NZ.
    Great read, picked it up over 30 years ago in New Zealand.
    Good luck

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