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Thread: Scottish FA centralisation.

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    Scottish FA centralisation.

    I have heard that due to cutbacks that the 8 Scottish FA licensing regions are to be homologated into 1 in a kind of DVLE style.. At least we will get the same interpretaions of the Home office "Guidelines" which is widely abused by some of the areas. I for one am all for it.

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    great idea but will it work in practice? i wouldn't hold me breath, if the officers stay the same, some of the old ways are bound to creap in, unless they replace them all which would cause more problems, i fear that unless the guidelines are written down in stone then personal enterpritation will allways play a part. We need the goverment to revise & simplify firearms law and issue specific enterpritations of that law so that everyone sings from the same hyme sheet.

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    I hope they give it to Grampian! Never had a problem yet with them.

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    i havnt been informed of this yet .
    The only problem i can see is that each police force has there own systems of isuuing licences
    and grampian are at the moment changing from having seperate shotgun and firearms licences to one consolidated licence.

    But we will have to wait aqnd see if this ever happens.


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    I read your post, but don't believe it.

    This requires primary legislation as the format of SGC's and FAC's is prescribed in the 1968 Act..... and hasn't been devolved to the Scottish Executive.

    If you know something, post up some links so we can read all about it. I'm always interested in facts.

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    Grampian can't be bringing in a single certificate as legislation doesn't allow it

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    What has firearm licensing got to do with the Scotish FA ? do you get a Ranger's or Celtic shooting certificate
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    This is a stalking forum so FireArms?
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    surely you mean firearms

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Centralisation is always a bad idea, I can understand that some constabularies are better than other but I can bet big central firearms office will be worse that the worst local office today. Government will screw everything it touches. It will screw this up as well. Have faith in your government.

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