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Thread: Dave Tooley Special 6.5x55 Swedish Bolt Action Rifle

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    Dave Tooley Special 6.5x55 Swedish Bolt Action Rifle

    I have for sale a Dave Tooley custom made rifle.

    It's shot approx. 250 rounds max. Previoius owner passed on having hardly used it and I have only used it to work out best loads. Selling due to lack of time and money!

    6.5 x 55 Swedish
    Wichita Action, single round.
    Broughton Barrel, Stainless Steel, very heavy, 30mm tapered to 22.5mm and 24" long. With a partial concave radiused crown, 1:8 twist. Suits 139gr Scenars.
    McMillan Winchester Marksman Stock (modified with adjustable cheek piece)
    Shilen Trigger , only 2 oz pull, incredibly light.
    Davidson Rail.
    Harris Bipod (optional)

    Immaculate condition, shoots incredibly crisply. I believe there is still more accuracy to be had from this rifle as I was only part way through testing loads. It was cleaned after every 25 rounds, even at the range. Here's a pic of what I got so far:

    Here's some pictures of the rifle. Scope is also for sale, though it doesn't do the rifle justice, just one that I had before I bought the IOR that recently sold.

    The sale price is 1000.

    I have some reloading equipment for the 6.5x55 swedish, some cases and 139gr Scenars bullets as well as some VihtaVouri N560 Powder. All of which suited this rifle. These can be bought as well if you're interested.

    I'll be sad to see this rifle go as there was so much potential in the accuracy.

    Contact either through PM or via email: toby.j.heath AT

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    Looks a tad heavy for the hill, nice bit of artillery though

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    It's no lightweight and thats for sure. But if you want some accuracy.....

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    provisionally sold

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    Hi is the rifle still for sale?



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