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Thread: .243 or .308 for my 1st deer rifle

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    .243 or .308 for my 1st deer rifle

    im think of up grading my .222 for a rifle for fox and deer

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    keep your triple for fox and munty ,roe up north and get a 308 gr8 round, not dissing the 243 it just dont do it for me .

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    In my opinion, ditch the .222 and get a .243. It does everything you need. I have a .223 and .243 and to be honest the .223 doesn't get a look in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonefoxin View Post
    im think of up grading my .222 for a rifle for fox and deer
    Had a similar dilema at the start of the year. I have a 22250 and wanted a dear cal. Decided on a 6.5 x 55 which is a great round. Any reason why your only considering 243 or 308? What deer are you planning to stalk? Keep the 222...I like to keep guns not sell them on. If you don't need the cash to get your deer cal, keep it.

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    I'd either keep the .222 and buy a .308 or sell the .222 and get a 6.5x55. I wouldn't have another .243 for Deer. It's a damn fine Fox round but for Deer there are better options in my opinion.

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    I posted this elsewhere, but there is a simple answer to this:

    When faced with this boy which would you rather be holding?

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    Caorach, faced with that beast..............30-06

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    as you have a .222 I would without a doubt say go for the .308 (or 30/06, 7mm, .270 etc). They will all kill foxes if you encounter one whilst stalking and will give you a far greater margin of error with large bodied animals or with less than ideal angle shots. 6.5mm would be the smallest calibre I would consider.


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    When you say 'upgrade' I assume you will only have one rifle. Then I would opt for a 25-06. Great for deer and no problem getting fox put on as some forces are reluctant to do so with 308.
    I actually shoot 243ai and 308 so am unbiased.

    Atb Steve

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    depends where and what you are shooting.Some places in Scotland i have shot will not let you shoot deer with anything less than 308.

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