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    Hi all

    Can anyone recommend a decent trail cam, theres that many on the market don't know which ones are crap or not !!


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    Bought one last month, Bushnell Trophy Cam $149 dollars from Cabelas. Excellent quality photos and video. Far cheaper than anthing i've seen in UK. Shipping 20% extra I think.

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    Cheers Dama ill look it up.

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    Cuddeback also from Cabeles. Unlike most of the trail cams on the Market it has an activation time of 0.25 sec. Most you find over here will be 1sec plus

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    We have 3 and the bushnell xlt is the best even though it has a lower pix rating the images are far clearer espically at nite they are about 190 from sportsman in newport WITH LOCKABLE STEEL MOUNTING CASE but you could prob get them nearer you for about the same

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