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Thread: tikka t3 bolt decocked!!!

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    tikka t3 bolt decocked!!!

    hi guys looking for a bit of inspiration here Ive managed to decock the bolt on my t3 25-06 must have been when i was wiping it down before i put it away last time i was out and only noticed when i drove 30mins to wood the other night and couldnt get bolt in!had to take the rifle for a nice walk,luckily i only seen 6 hinds and 4 calves but i did have a nice time watching the calves running and jumping about so it was worthwhile anyway!but does anyone know the easy way to recock the bolt without damaging it?advice would be appreciated although i think senility is starting a bit early on me as i took my mate out the other night and whe we got to ground 45mins away i had the 308 but had managed to pick up the pouch with 25-06 ammo even though its a different colour so had another nice walk

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    if you cant do it by hand grasping the rotating collar assembly with a tea towl or similar you may have to hold it carefully between two soft bits of wood in a vice,

    easy to do and not the tricky to resolve

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    If you've no access to a vice, wrap a rag around the bolt grasp with mole grips and re cock, easy peasy. I know, I've had to do it.

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    I done the same not that long ago, so i asked on this website and got this reply,


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    Push it down hard on the edge of a hard table and be prepared to swear......done it loads!!!

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    Squeeze with a vise the cocking piece, then move the bolt forward and upward the handle. Be advice if you continue turning to right the handle because you will disassembly it.

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    thanks for replies everyone but im sorted now thanks to staceys link,so simple and saved my bolt from a trip to the vice tomorrow!!thanks again

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    I do it all the time but now for security reasons. I use the insulated handle of regular pliers to force it up and lever it over. With a couple of goes it became easy but the first time was evil and that was an accident

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacey View Post
    I done the same not that long ago, so i asked on this website and got this reply,


    Thanks Stacey for the link. Saved me putting it in a vice, very simple, but seemed I needed to put in more strengh than the guy on the video. I used a piece of wood instead of a taped screw driver.

    I like to store bolts separatly for security reasons, and with my CZs I always then decock the bolt springs, with no such difficulty in recocking them.
    Am the new owner of a Tikka T3, and was surprised that it is so difficult.
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    You can get a special nut thingy for both Tikka & Sako bolts to make this dead easy.-- No vise required!
    My Sako 85 came with one & I was given the one for my Tikka by that nice Mr Steve Beaty. I use them & decock the bolts every time they come out of the rifle or I want to clean the bolt.


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