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Thread: New reloading start up kit!

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    New reloading start up kit!

    Just seen this and thought it maybe of intrest to some of you just starting out and looking for kit.
    I know some on here knock Lee reloading kit but for the money this set up maybe just what alot of new reloaders are looking for .

    Hope this helps some one start reloading.

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    Thats a very good deal and more or less identical to my setup, shot 1" groups at 200 yards with rounds i loaded with it just yesterday.

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    that looks like a great deal buy it know to get started.then i would upgrade it when funds are available.

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    I've used a Lee turret press now for more than 20 years. Can't say it's the best press in the world, but it's never failed me & I've loaded thousands of rounds with it.
    If I'd had more dosh when I bought it, I'd probably have bought an RCBS. I didn't & regret nothing.
    If you're starting out reloading, this looks like a good value way to kick off.
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