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Thread: Shortest barrel for a 6.5X47 stalking rifle?

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    Shortest barrel for a 6.5X47 stalking rifle?

    I am going to put together a new lightweight stalking rifle in 6.5X47. Currently I love my 6.5X55,I shoot about 200 deer a year with it, but you know how it is, we need our toys!

    I want the new rifle to be lightweight, shoot out to 300 yards accurately with a 129 grain Hornady interlock softpoint, probably with a McMillan stock, detachable mag and I have a good fairly light moderator.

    Has anyone any experience using a short barrel with the 6.5X47? Ideally I would like to get it down to 18 inches, 20 as a maximum. RPA produce their rifles in .243 and .308 with a 16 inch barrel, 6.5X47 uses the same case, so maybe its possible.

    If you have any actual experience with a short barrel in this calibre, I'd love to hear from you.


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    Hmmm no experience with that cartridge but a question pops into my mind ..............................

    "What do you consider ..................... LIGHTWEIGHT?
    Just thinking about the Kimber Montana rifle that Colin at Forrest Lodge at Wragby in Lincolnshire was showing me a while back. Now that is a lightweight rifle. This is from their web site:-

    The Kimber Model 84M Montana weighs just over 5 pounds, and the Model 84M Classic, Classic Stainless, Classic Select Grade and SuperAmerica weigh about 8 ounces more.
    So just how light is a lightweight rifle in your opinion?
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    20" is too short for 6.5x47, you have to run the little fella right as the ragged edge to get decent velocities as it is, so handicapping with a short barrel is a poor decision. If you want a short barrel stick with 6.5x55 or 260 rem. Also for a lightweight rifle a detachable box mag is a poor choice as it adds weight. Stick with a floorplate.

    If you do go for 6.5x47 I would choose a 24" 4 profile barrel on a predator action with jewell trigger and talley rings in a manners SL stock. Stick an ATec cmm4 on the end and when it gas cuts get it replaced under warranty.

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    Dan is correct, the 6.5x47 achieves it's velocity through higher operating pressures, I would not go shorter than 20".

    Also, the 6.5x47L is not on the same case as a 308, it is a rather smaller case which uses small rifle primers.

    Take the esy option, go with a 260rem, that is a 6.5 on a 308 case. Other than that you have got it correct. Mine is a Sako 75 with a McMillan stock, 20" Lother Walther barrel, standard Sako drop box that can be top fed - important in a hunting rifle I think. Mod is a Roedale at 220grammes.

    It is an excellent tool.

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    I have no experience of 6.5x47 Lapua, but a good friend is having one custom built at present, so I'll find out more in due course.
    I'd expect you to push a 130gn bullet along at close to 2800fps with a 20" barrel...and retain accuracy. Shorter than 20" I believe would be a big risk.

    I do have experience of my Blaser K95 that has a 20.5" barrel, weighs 7 1/4 lbs scoped, with sling & loaded.
    Shoots like a dream with 1/4" MOA normal at 100 yds. I shoot Red hinds out to 300 yards when/if I must (Rarely)......with a lighter weight bullet than you'll probably use. Cheers
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    2,750-2,850fps should be easily achievable in a 20" barrel with 120-130gr bullets with suitable powders.
    If mine ever gets finished (aargh!) I'll let you know what loads work...

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    not what you asked but....mine is being built with a 24" barrel (lothar wather magnum sporter profile) on a sako 75 action III, with a macmillan sako hunter stock. the barrel profile and length were selected to match the swarovski 6 - 24 x 50 tdi4 scope that it will wear. should be stiff enough for "multiples on deer" and a good 120 - 130 gn bullet at 2850 fps will be in the fallow kill zone on the tds reticle at 100y intervals out to 600y if zeroed at 200y.

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    mine is 22inch and would not go any shorter, using reloader 17 to get 100% burn down the tube and the fps that your talking about gary is where mine is at with hornady sst 129grns bloody accurate round getting 1/2-3/4 inch at 150yrds with only 30rounds down the tube so far

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    my barrel ended up being 25 1/4 ", 123 amax, 38gn varget, 2876 fps, no pressure signs whatsoever. had over 100rnds through now and velocity has increased about 25 fps. more accurate than an accurate thing.

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    Mine is 21 inches and shoots very well with 123gr , not sure about a heavier bullet, havnt had the need for one as this little beauty performs

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