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Thread: SD Shooting Land

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    SD Shooting Land

    I am please to be able to announce a bit of a breakthrough. I will be acquiring the lease on a small piece of land, commencing next April, for the exclusive use of SD members.

    The land is about 250 acres of forest with Roe and Sika, it is not a large block of forest but it is in a forest of several thousand acres, so the potential is there. In fact I used to shoot the vast majority of it a few years back; a friend of mine had the hind / Doe shooting.

    It is situated in the Highlands, about a thirty minute drive from me, not too far from Bonar Bridge in Sutherland. I have negotiated with the owner of the block with regard to the price and terms and I will have to sign a contract with Till Hill with regard to the shooting conditions. These conditions will include that anyone shooting here will need insurance. So basically there is only one overriding condition applicable to all will be the insurance, the remaining conditions will be dealt with on an individual basis, with regard to experience etc.

    At the moment I anticipate the cost being somewhere in the region of 40 / 50 per day and the going rate for the carcase if you want it.

    I now await any questions.


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    Well done John. Thanks for all the effort in obtaining the lease for the SD members.
    Now I will have to get a map to find out where it is.

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    Great news for getting newbies some stalking, or a place if some of us fancy a change of scenery.

    We done John.

    Best rgds


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    i think i speak for most Neewbies when i say thanks , you may see me and dad up there

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    good show


    Whilst i am not an expert i am pretty proficient and again would offer up my services to mentor any newby.


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    Nice one JAYB. Are there any b&b`s nearby?

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    well done john good of you to put yourself out for the sake of
    others on the site . and to give newbies a chance .

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    There are a few B/B's nearby, and my lease is just round the corner, so we may arrange something there as well. I have a 7 bed farmhouse and a 5 bed cottage on my lease.

    Both John and myself have our eye on another two places at present, so watch this space.

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    There are a couple of places locally that will provide a decent deal for any stalkers we can put their way.

    Like Malc said there may be more!


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    Great news, well done John.

    I go for a weeks wildfowling every November up that way so the possibility of a day or two stalking whilst I am up there would be something to really look forward to.

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