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Thread: This guy will wear you out!

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    This guy will wear you out!

    This is worth every minute. Take the time. And Scotland is beautiful.

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    Two observations.
    1: Can't the boy read? Cyclists dismount was flagrantly ignored!
    2: At 7mins 10 was that a butalo I heard as he did the somersault off the bothy
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    The boy has some skills and his fitness levels must be something else. Wonder if you could convince him to extract your dear for you...?

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    I've watched this at least 6 times. Excellently photographed and executed. Man! I thought I knew how to ride a bike! Thanks for sharing this one with us.~Muir

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    Yeah, not bad......

    But I bet he cant suck a rowentree's fruit pastel !!

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    Love the shot in this one when he rides along the railing past the polis station. I have seen a few clips of Danny MacAskill. The one I have popped on here I think is the best however, probably because I know so many of the places that are on the film, The Meadows, Castle, Princes Street, Royal Commonwealth Swimming Pool, St Giles Cathedral, even the Scottish Parliament.

    Taking nothing away from this clip on the post, it is so well filmed the scenery and locations almost take away from the riding. Stunning...

    I used to work with a friend of Danny's sister. From what she told me he got his first bike at about 8 years of age and would go everywhere on it. She also said that when he was getting well known a lot of the big companies were desperate to sign him up. Not interested apparently as he did not want anyone telling him what to ride and when! Grounded young man...
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    I am sure that there are quite a few bicycle riders who do this kind of thing, but surely this man must be the master of the art. I also like the he's riding past the PD. That, and where the sign says "Cyclists Must Dismount" so he dismounts the wall he's riding on. There is something inspirational in his work.~Muir

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    Seems that this video has been enjoyed by many.

    Check out

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    i would sell my wife to be able to ride a bike like that !

    and i love my wife !

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