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Thread: Long shot - Plymouth accommodation?

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    Long shot - Plymouth accommodation?

    I know it's a bit of a long shot but does anyone know of any accommodation going in Plymouth area? Looks like I'm starting a new job down there very soon and looking for a small rural property to rent for a few months until we get ourselves sorted and move down properly...

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    Don't know anywhere personally, but might be worth having a look through the Agents on here, unless you've already done so.


    And welcome to the Westcountry
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    Hi Brian - trying to avoid agents if possible. Not sure how long I'm going to need somewhere and don't want to get tied into a 6 or 12 month fixed lease as it's going to be a bit tricky during the next few months of transition. I'll be moving down first but travelling back up to Berks at the weekends, then missus will follow when she's found a job. Plus there's a dog and 2 horses to factor into things so the greater the flexibility the better!!

    I suspect the next few months are going to be rather stressful!!

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    Hi 75
    Have you thought of trying Farmstay, I know they are usually for holiday accommodation, but there may be someone with a cottage on a farm available in the area for several weeks, particually once the summer season is over after the end of August.

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    Not heard of it before! Off to investigate...

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    75, Maybe this could be helpful:-
    This is Plymouth | Find local properties in Plymouth
    or try an ad. in the local papers-- Western Morning news, West Briton, Cornish Guardian, Cornwall Today, Cornishman.
    Advertising in Cornwall | With Cornwall and Devon Media | Publications
    I'm sure some of the South Devon lads will have more local info.
    Good luck with your search.

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