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Thread: Satellite co-ax cable

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    Satellite co-ax cable

    I am finally moving out of the dark ages of a digibox and getting a sky+ box installed.

    At present I have my satellite and digital TV aerial coax cables running in the same channel beneath the plaster. It also has the phone cable in there as well. I managed to squeeze the satellite co-ax down there when I moved into the house- it was a pig of a job.

    The TV aerial cable is the old brown type and is around 6.5mm overall thickness (same as the satellite cable).

    I never use the TV aerial cable as the TV has built in Freesat (which I never use either)!

    Could I use the existing TV aerial cable as the second feed to my Sky+ box? It would only be the 2 metre length that is running inside the plaster.

    I don't want them dropping a cable down my outside wall and drilling through if I can avoid it.

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    as long as the coax reaches your lnb without joints see no reason why you should have a problem, i have done the same and it works fine
    cheers Geoff

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    Home dod.1:- unfortunately no is the answer, it's some thing to do with the internal resistance of the cable, perhaps you could use the the old cable (as it's defunct) as a pull through/ fish wire, connect the new cable to the old one in the loft/ under the floorboards and ease it through, it really needs two folk to do it one feeding in and someone on the other end easing it through.

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    I am afraid i have to disagree with callie tv and sat cable are both 75 ohms, you may have problems fitting the f type connector if the old coax has a multi strand inner conductor, you will need to twist the strands and solder them to make one solid conductor, satillite cable is different to tv cable it has less loss at high frequencies but over a distance of two mtrs the loss is negligible
    Geoff ex Broadcast engineer

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    I stand corrected

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