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    What we in the US call pigeons, I believe that you call rock doves. Is that so? Do you eat them, or are they killed as pests? Are they considered good table fare? If so how are they prepared? thanks capt david

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    I shoot a lot of wood pigeons they are good to can either roast the whole bird in which case you will have to pluck them.I also just cut the breasts out and then caserole them in red wine very tasty.Pigeons are classed as pests in Britain so no close season.

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    Your US pigeons are what we call feral pigeons, and I would not want to eat those, they are just vermin here really. Good for eating are the wood pigeon and the collared dove. Rock doves are protected, as are turtle dove and stock dove.

    The latin name for both rock dove and feral pigeon is Columba Livia, as the ferals are direct descendants of the rock dove, means you have to be careful not to shoot the wrong thing.

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    I was wondering? I used to trap them and used to train dogs. I had a thingy that would spring them into the air, when one pulled a string, from 25' or so. It didn't work very well. One never knew which way that they would fly, or if they would fly. I tried eating what I thought were a couple of young ones, and even corn fed a few for a week or so. I guess that I just wasn't hungry enough.

    We have and shoot mourning doves (turtle?), whitewing and are beginning to see lots of the collareds, which are considered ferral. capt david

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    The wood pigeon is now our most common bird!
    You'll find all the answers to your questions here:

    As for table preparation, this method takes some beating for speed and simplicity! All the rubbish can be left in the field, they stack like 'spoons' for the freezer, and the meat doesn't shrink like it does when filleted off the breastbone. Slow cook or casserole and then carve from the breastbone. =vLY2TqiQEoKxhAf-z4y3Cg&usg=AFQjCNGEWRwjV-nUQkt2gcymgQUPrpVkFA
    Hope this helps.

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