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Thread: SD Stalking 2011?

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    SD Stalking 2011?

    Is anyone planning to arrange a SD Stalking week in Scotland this year?
    I'm looking for witnessed stalks for DSC2 so it might be a good way of doing one.


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    I am not arranging an SD week this year due to other commitments, although I will be on my lease in Scotland. However I might consider doing a long weekend on my lease in West Sussex in a similar way to what I have done in Scotland, but will let members know if I decide to take it on.


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    Hokay Malc, I'll look elsewhere for a Scotland trip.

    How about the BASC Arran offering??? It seems cheap enough, but will it be value for money? - Has anyone got up to date knowledge of proposed cull figures etc? Also how good are the herd numbers after last years' high mortality figures?


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