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Thread: New .308 and .17hmr

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    New .308 and .17hmr

    I have just received my Firearms cert variation back from the police, I have upgraded my .243 to a .308 and have also got a .17hmr in addition to my .22 and .222.

    I am going to start looking at rifles to buy but would appreciate any advice/reviews on good rifles.
    I stalk roe, 6 times a year (although would use my .222 for that) Reds once/twice a year and will possibly go to africa.
    Budget, don't want to go ballistic if you excuse the pun!!



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    If it helps, I use my .308 for everything from muntjac to red's. I also have a condition that I can use it on foxes if I come across one when I'm stalking.


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    new rifles

    Think willie has the answer there.
    As for rifles I think you cant go wrong with cz.I have 22 and 17 and cant fault them cheap and reliable.As for centre fire have a look at Howa.

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    Matty, it really depends on what you have to spend and what your priorities are.

    If you want a good basic serviceable rifle that won't break the bank there are two choices:

    1: CZ, if would want a traditional wood/blue mauser pattern rifle.
    2: Howa, if you want a synthetic stainless pre-threaded rifle which will lend itself to mods and upgrades as time goes on.

    I would stay out of the middle ground completely. If you want, or can afford, a step up from the Howa / CZ options, I would step right up to a Sauer or Blaser depending on your tastes.

    If it was me and I couldn't stretch to a Sauer, it would be the Howa.

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    Thanks guys, think I will look at a Howa rifle for the .308. Seems to be pretty good feedback on them overall.
    Not going to break the bank either. there is a great all in one deal on the howa website anyone know if anyone can do the same in the UK?


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    they can indeed, but if you can try and upgrade the scope...

    the nikko's are ok had one on my rifle for a while and it was good enough, and i no were your coming from, with the credit crunch my measley paper round is not really gun money (not that it ever was)
    try highland outdoors


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