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Thread: Another Lancs Buck

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    Another Lancs Buck

    After spending a couple of weeks trying to catch up with a huge buck on one of my permissions I was beginning to think Iíd missed him this year.
    Last night I decided to spend a couple of hours looking around an area I hadnít seen him in before but had seen a doe with twin kids the day before.
    After parking behind a small copse of trees I let the monster of destruction (bonnie the GWP) out of the back of the truck and gave her a few mins to run around and get rid of at least some of the boundless energy she has.
    Sticks, binoís, musket and roe sack on and it was down to business. The change in the dog once she sees that gun go onto my shoulder is amazing, its like pressing a giant sensible switch with her.
    We made our way across a grassy area to a couple of small humps in the ground about 40yds before the start of some pretty thick scrub.
    After letting everything settle for 20mins I started on the butalo giving a squeak every second or so for about 5 minutes.
    Nothing moved initially but I kept glassing the scrub and eventually spotted some movement near some gorse. Looking closely it was a buck but not the monster buck I was after!!! Hmm, what to do thinks I? Take this smaller but still very nice buck or wait and see if the big boy showed up or take this one and let the big boy pass on his levis to his progeny or as the big boy might start going back next year wait for him and leave the younger one. Decision made, shoot them both and let God sort them out. Only kidding, decided to take the one in front of me on the basis that there is brilliant feeding on the ground and the big chap is a stunning animal and, at least for now, Iím not chasing medal heads so Iíll leave him to have his merry way.
    Decision made unfortunately the buck in front had read a different book and made its way behind some gorse to the right and out of sight. I waited and gave a couple more squeaks on the butalo to see him reappear about 130yds away heading away from me. I gave him a bark and he turned side on and the Tikka gave its own bark. He ran in a half circle and dropped in the rough area. After a few mins I put the harness on Bonnie and moved forward to the strike. No sign of any strike at all and I'm thinking 'Did I miss it? Worse...have I wounded it!' After moving to the right and further down the rough area the wind now came from our back and the dog immediately obviously detected the scent and took me straight to the dead buck, on inspection the top of the heart was taken clean out.

    48lb larder weight with loads of fat around the kidneys. First deer off my own permission and Iím thrilled to bits to have caught up with this chap:
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    Yet again another good Lanc's buck.

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    great to see such a nice buck from lancs ,just see the odd one ,none this year so far, although saw a munty not far from permission between ormskirk and southport

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    Great news and another one in the bag!


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    On the area this was taken from I've only seen 4 does and two bucks. All the does have twin kids with them. I'm not going to shoot the other buck and, provided the owner agrees, I'm only going to take one doe and the kids this winter. This is a new area for roe deer and I'd like to see them get established to levels that need managing rather than wipe them out. The unfortunate thing which is a bit of a bug bear is that if it gets out where they are they are likely to be victims of the local travelling community (permanent site near, dont know why they are still considered travellers!)
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    Well done, 48 lb is pretty good for "the smaller buck"

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Nice work Limulus. Av. buck larder weight 42lbs over 6 years on the 2 bits of ground I'm lucky enough to manage - both in the North of Lancs. Most mature bucks throw 6 points and at their best borderline bronze quality. I only shoot the old & young bucks here though.

    Only seeing does coming to the Buttolo so far this week and last here...!

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    Loads of fat around his kidneys John. I'll take some pics when I skin him. The deer on this small patch have unhindered access to masses of shrubs and undergrowth. None of the trees on site have ever seen a deer guard. Some areas have recently been cleared by the forestry folk and they wont be replanted.
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    Rut getting going in this bit of Lancs now, finally.

    Out of interest av larder weights of roebucks over past 10 years in places I stalk in lbs:
    Wiltshire 49
    Lancs 42
    Galloway 40.5
    Inverness-shire (hill mainly) 39

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