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Thread: Jack Pyke Countryman Boots ?

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    Jack Pyke Countryman Boots ?

    i have been looking at these boots there seem cheap and well made has anyone tried them

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    alright mate ive tried these boots.nice and comfy not totally waterproof as mine let in water as soon as i walked through wet heather.tried for weeks dubbing them with waterproofer with no good results.should just have kept monies and bought mendils as ive got thing i ever done,go that bit more and get them,you wont look back.good luck mate

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    this is only one brand of boot and that is the mendil drove extreme

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    totally agree with that boots worn.comfy and 100 percent waterproof

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    got some off e-bay only paid 72.00and you can tell not waterproof hard on yer toes when on down hill walking mendils are the boys
    PS dont buy muflon sqeeky what a racket when wet

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    Not all boots are created equal - Meindl, Blackislander etc are well built and high quality boots - but ultimately they need to fit your foot - and we are all that bit different. I loved my Blackislanders, but they just didnt fit in the end.
    I got a pair of JP boots on a whim. So unimpressed that never went as far as putting them on - have a pair of unused, boxed size 9's here if anyone wants to make an offer.
    Buy quality - you wont regret it, but do try to arrange at least a try on and really concentrate on how they fit - 'almost' will likely prove just not good enough.
    I think better saving cost of JPs toward something further up the build chain.

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    My mate had jps they fell apart in 4months.............I really rate lowas, i wear them each day for keepering and stalking and they are 18months old and going great.......One tip read the bit about looking after your boots at alt berg, very interesting

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