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Thread: .308 to big for foxing?

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    .308 to big for foxing?

    im think of getting a 308 for foxing and some deer is it to big and why?

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    I hav no idea why you think a .308 would be to big unless you hav been told other wise
    .308 would be more than suitable for what you pobably need

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    Why would you think its to big.

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    i have a 308 but for deer and should a fox happen to stroll by on the odd occassion well BANG goodnight if you get my drift

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    I have a friend with a nice set up in .308 with a Night Force Scope. One year he set out to see how many foxes he could get with it and got to 170+. He also regularly shoots sika, red and roe with it. You could also shoot F/TR with it. Lots of different factory ammunition available for it. I have shot one or two red deer with one.

    Go for it. Regards JCS

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    I had a fox the other evening with my 308, about 150m away, put a hole in it that I could see daylight through. Dead is dead.

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    Had a few foxes with my .308 and it does knock em over very well.
    Mainly use my .223 though.


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    If you were only shooting fox then I could think of other calibres I would choose other than a 308, however for deer and the odd fox I can't see a problem. {unless your planning on eating the fox that is}

    My gun is pictured below and it kills foxes just fine, its a 308 as well.................3 foot 8 inch that is hahah
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    You get many foxes in edinburgh castle mate???


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    Quote Originally Posted by Russian Sniper View Post
    You get many foxes in edinburgh castle mate???

    I saw a few the last time I was wearing a really short skirt and had long legs, I think it may have been an Italian Vixen in heat.......{come to think of it, it may have been me in heat}

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