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Thread: What does DSC actually consist of ?

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    What does DSC actually consist of ?

    Can anyone please run me through what you actually do on the DSC 1 course ?

    I am thinking of booking to do it with Jelen Deer Services, bit worried as I don't have any experience stalking and am concerned about paying and then failing because of the lack of experience with deer
    Is there anywhere I can see what type of stuff will come up and If I am ready for something like it ?

    Appreciate any help cheers, Lloyd.

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    Ive shot thousands of rabbits , but not a single deer , i took my meat hygeine with the ngo and passed , then i took my level 1 which also includes meat hygeine so i didnt need to sit that again .

    If you buy the manual first and give yourself a month to study through it , including the id section ( exam is 20 slides at 30second intervals you select species and sex ) no less than 4 wrong or its a fail! . Out of the five papers the saftey is the only one where you cant get any wrong .

    Stick ya neck out and get it booked , coz if you dont book it nobody else will

    If you do fail any of the papers you get 3 yrs to resit just the paper you failed
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    Get it booked. Ive just done it and have the same stalking experience as you. You will be well taught so will not fail. If you buy the book first make sure you tell them and save 30 of the course fee. You don't need two books! You will enjoy it too and learn so much. Best of luck

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    I booked my dsc level 1 last year with absolutely no stalking experience whatsoever,i think the ink on my FAC was still wet.
    But thats the whole reason why i wanted to get into stalking in the first place and learn a lot more.At no time i felt out of place nor intimidated by the others and i thoroughly enjoyed it gh.couldn't reccomend it highly enough.
    the book itself which comes as part of the course is a jem of a read and is a fantastic reference.
    Fact is veryone has to start somewhere and its something ive always wanted to do, and know i am.

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    I did the course last year. The hardest thing for me as I had no stalking experience at all was to identify the deer. Everythingelse seemed easy enough. With the right instructor it is a really good course and if you have no stalking experience you will learn an awful lot. Well I did.

    Good luck with it.
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    When I did mine I'd only shot one deer but there were people on the course, probably the majority, who had never been stalking and some who had never seen a real deer in the wild. Almost everyone passed and most people who had problems struggled due to lack of preparation on their part rather than because they were asked to do anything especially difficult.

    Apart from myself there was only one other person on the course who had shot a deer and he was keen to tell everyone that he had shot "thousands" of deer, was an expert and was only there because he needed it to keep his rifle. He struggled and in the shooting test had some shots on my target! Luckily he was shooting a different caliber to me and so that, and the fact that they were nowhere near the required point of aim, made it easy to distinguish his rounds from mine :-)

    So, don't worry about it and just put in the work and you will have no problems.

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    You'll be fine
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