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Thread: Best scope for .17HMR

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    Best scope for .17HMR

    I'm looking at replacing my Leupold VX1 3-9 x 40 with a scope with greater magnification to suit my new Sako Quad .17HMR.

    I'd like a good low light scope for shooting to 150 yds+ for sub 500.

    Any views on good scopes please?


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    Oliver i think the general form on this forum is that you introduce yourself first prior to starting threads and looking for a response. Welcome to the site anyway.

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    if you had asked that question 2 weeks ago I would have sold you my 6.5-20 VX3 Leupold that was on my HMR but now resides on my 243.
    I have decided to keep it but it worked a treat with the thin varmint reticule.

    there are two for sale on airgunbbs (where this question crops up a lot).

    I also have an SMK Mildot 4-16x50AOE Illuminated that I have used to good effect.
    the front parallax is quite effective for ranging things but for the HMR is not that significant.
    Its a 100 scope new that does the job just fine.

    Is your leupold a matt VX1 or gloss Vx1?
    Are you selling it?

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    Hi Oliver, welcome to the site.

    As has been said, do a search on threads and you'll find a great deal of information, but in essence, I think you are looking for a 50 or 56mm objective and a varimag up to 16 or 20?
    I'd buy second hand and I'd buy the highest quality you can lay your hands on.

    Premier Scopes - Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, Kahles, Nightforce
    First Rate - Nikon, Minox, Leupold, IOR, Pecar

    and of course there are others.

    E t R
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    Check out the MTC scopes on the market i know alot of people with them on their .17's I think its the mamba and the viper models. great little reticles

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifitsbrownputitdown View Post
    Check out the MTC scopes on the market i know alot of people with them on their .17's I think its the mamba and the viper models. great little reticles
    +1 mtc viper

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    MTC. Great reticles but didn't like either of the scopes I had so sold them and went upmarket. Perhaps I am too fussy.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    just put an S&B 8x56 klassik on mine, bought it off here for 400 and am so glad i did, exellent scope, clear as a bell, brilliant in low light and it's bomb proof, what more could you want for sub 500, on top of that, it'll hold its price as well


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    Why ? It's hardly a long range round what you have is more than enough any more and it's a waste of cash. Unless you have bad eyesight.

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