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Thread: Burris Signature Zee Rings

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    Burris Signature Zee Rings

    I fitted a set of 30mm Burris Signature Zee Rings to a pair of Leupold QRW weaver style bases.

    There is a gap of about 1 or 2mm between the top of the base and the bottom of the rings. Other than that they sit fine on the base and seem to bolt up sturdily.

    Has anyone who uses the Signature Zee Rings found the same? Does the gap have any negative effect? I would have thought there'd be less chance of any flex if the bottom of the ring sat flush on top of the base.

    Are Leupold QRW weaver type bases the same dimensions as any other weaver base?

    Thanks guys

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    The rings are fitted correctly, I can see the same gap with my rings. The rings only grip the sides of the bases.

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks JCS. Has this ever caused you any concern? What calibre are you using them on? Cheers mate.

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    No, it hasn't caused me any concern. See my gallery. All the rings I have ever fitted clamp onto the bases/action from the sides. My Ruger mounts had a similar gap underneath them. It is a small dirt trap and tricky to clean.

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks mate. I'll have a look at your gallery now.
    All the best

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