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Thread: .22 spare clip

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    .22 spare clip

    hi i'm wanting a 10 clip/mag for my cz 452 .22 american rifle has anyone one got one spare for sale

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    CZ clip

    try peterlawmans

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    thanks i'll look them up regards

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    tried ringing peter lawmans but no answer left message prob ring me back after this i found seem to have most caliber clips but are out of stock just my LUCK!!!!!

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    try norfolk sporting gun, i brought a 10 shot mag from them 35 squid

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    If you can get a metal one rather than plastic then i would go for that. My five shot metal ejects much better than my dads five shot plastic mag. Having said that im not sure if you can get ten shots in metal

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    thanks for the advice i'll look into it

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    hi biker1

    i'll look them up thanks

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    give bagnall & kirkwood newcastle a ring 0191 2325873,i got one a few weeks back(they will post down to you).

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