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Thread: Cull Record sheets

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    Cull Record sheets

    Hi guys anyone got a printerble cull record sheet as im a little low on the readys this i think will be the cheap way to keep records better than paying 30 for a BDS one, got to save those s???

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    I suggest that you make your own using Excel or Word, picking the fields that you want from the following list:

    Date, Location, Calibre, Bullet, Structure, Species, Sex, Age, Larder weight, High seat, Milk, Foetus, Time shot, Strike location, Reaction, Range, Wind, Tag No., Grid ref, Customer

    Items in bold are ones I focus on, but the list can be as long or as short as you like. It needs to support any food chain enquiries. This was a list that moe243 used and had derived from FC reports that he had filled in.

    Regards JCS

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    I do mine exactly as JCS does, as much or as little info as you want in my case Location, Date, by whom shot,Species, Sex, Approx. age, grid ref. Weight, Tag No. whether sold or not if sold to whom, and a column for additional comments.

    At the end of the season I save to disk and label, I then have an easily retrievable record year on year.

    There is a company selling a software program that does all of this, one program for the hobby stalker and one for the professional, I looked at them in my case would have needed the pro. software and to be honest it did not do much
    that I could not do my self, when I looked at it I think the pro version was 300 +

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    There is a sheet in the best practice guide that may be of use

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    Many thanks guys just what i needed

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    If you want ping a pm I can send you a Word document that you can save on to your computer and store it electronically.
    I write up as I go and then transfer the data on to the computer and bin the paper copy as it's usually got messed up.



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