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Thread: travelling to Germany

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    travelling to Germany

    Hi all,
    I've been invited to Germany to shoot wild boar by a friend . He has offered to sort out a temporary permit for me, but needs a copy of my insurance and "hunting licence" ? any idea if he means my European FAC or some other document?
    Hoping someone here knows.
    Kind regards,

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    Absolutely no idea about the answer to your question, but according to this recent news item you may be if for a lot of fun.


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    If you own more than one, send them all. Then you`re covered.
    Better that than send the wrong one then misss out.

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    Hi Mark, in most other countries the hunting is regulated through other organisations than the police. As a result the police deals with your firearms license, but the authorisation to hunt needs to come from a different source. Therefore when you go overseas they'll ask you for your FAC and for a hunting license. I would think that your FAC, which states that you are allowed to hunt would be satisfactory. Cheers, Rene.

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    I think you will find they will require your European Firearms Passport, plus your Level 1 Certificate, and if you have it Level 2.

    This is what I had to supply for trips to Finland and they are also members of the EU.

    Have a good time

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    Morning I hunt regularly in both Germany and France. Prior to hunting driven boarI need to supply the following :

    Copy of Passport.
    Copy of European F.A.C.
    Copy of Valid Insurance i. e. B.A.SC.or similar translated into the relevant language - B.A.S.C. normally supply by return.

    And finally a copy to prove valid membership of the organisation suppling the insurance.

    Sounds complicated but actually very easy . Best of luck in Germany.

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