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Thread: Spooky experiences in the woods

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    Spooky experiences in the woods

    I usually stay over in the woods on my own when I'm stalking, last time I was there, just as it was getting dark and I was putting some gear in the car I heard a loud very strange noise very close to me.

    Not quite an animal, not quite mechanical. I couldn't find anything to explain it and didnt hear it again. It was like a rough, harsh sounding whoosh. I still cant figure out what it could have been.

    I'm not sure how manly I would have been about it had I not had the deer rifle and 12 bore with me!

    I was listening to the excellent 'The Willows' on BBC7 earlier (catch up with it on their web site), a scary story of strange occurences in the outdoors if ever there was one.

    It got me thinking - who else has had any scary/supernatural/unexplainable experiences when you have out in the wilds alone??

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    Probably the teddy bears packing up their picnic.

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    After reading of your strange experience I had a look back in my game journal and on 17 March 1998, I was out lamping foxes with a mate of mine and whilst in the middle of nowhere, and in pitch darkness, an area the size of 2 tennis courts lit up as if with floodlights about 100 metres away from us. It lasted for a couple of minutes and then went out slowly like a dimmer switch being turned off.

    Now I'm not an EFO watcher or anything like that but this made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and I remember saying to my mate............. "I'm glad I've got a rifle with me". Wonder what they would have thought of a .243 on Mars !

    Incidentally, and more seriously, I rang my mate the next morning to check the details and confirm that we actually saw what we saw because it was definitely weird.


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    In answer to your question Blot I think you will find that on Mars they prefer the 6.5x55 to the .243.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantoliver
    In answer to your question Blot I think you will find that on Mars they prefer the 6.5x55 to the .243.
    Wots wrong with a good old fashioned death ray?


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    Re: Spooky experiences in the woods

    Quote Originally Posted by snowstorm
    It was like a rough, harsh sounding whoosh. I still cant figure out what it could have been.
    perhaps a large zip, on the front of a very large pair of trousers?

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    Stalking through a forest just north of Cumbernauld in Scotland during an autumn afternoon. It had been raining most of the day but had recently stopped and the sun had broken through - i hoped a roe or two would break cover in order to get the sun on their backs.

    30 mins in and i was startled by a horrible gurgling and moaning noise. Not a pleasant noise but coming round the corner of the ride i discovered a wrinkly old couple hard at it. I must admit that i was impressed that they had made it so far into the forest and their vigor.

    I crept away and left them to it.

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    I think i would od let a round of , 1 of them may have jumped and the other may have squealed

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    Great tales guys.

    I was kipping in the woods once (in Devon), just under a basha and was woken by what sounded exactly like a coach and horses charging through the woods...needless to say, I didn't open my eyes!

    I subsequently found out that the track near which I was sleeping was the route of the old coach road! Gives me shivers to this day.

    I also remember being gripped by a nameless and numbing panic once while sitting in the middle of a reed bed waiting for fact, now I come to think of it, I must be a really windy bugger, stuff like this is always happening to me!

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