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Thread: Do poachers bait up ?

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    Do poachers bait up ?

    Hi chaps i could'nt sleep this morning so at about 5am ish i deceided to go for a walk. I walked round a nature reserve leading onto a back road. I did see one very good buck. Any way the road i walked along was a stretch of about 1,1/2 miles with trees each side not allowing much day light through. Covering that strectch i found four SPONGE cakes i wood say placed by side of the road not thrown out say of a vechile. They were out of the main rapper but still in the grease rapper, and still intact. If i had of found one cake maybe but four makes me wonder if poachers have baited it up. Do those txxt's do that ? You wood not spot these if you were driving only walking. I did pick the cakes up and thrown them. I also wondered if i should of called the police after throwing the cakes.

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    I might sound stupid here, but,
    Do mean sponge cake as bought out of a shop and tastes lovely to eat? And if so what animals would go for it other than vermin? Just interested btw.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    would there be game birds in the area that someone may be baiting foxes to the area to control them, we all know that shooting on the road is illegal regardless of what it is you are shooting but it might help to determine what they were baiting if anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    I also wondered if i should of called the police after throwing the cakes.
    Only if they had been doughnuts and you wanted to nab a hungry copper.

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    The singing stalker!
    Yes they were bought from shops, they look like the one's that McVities do three in a pack.

    Not werethe cakes were!


    I know it might sound crap that i have psoted but it is true. Then again there might be a perfect exsplenation for it, but like i said one cake yes but four.

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    just think if your right - at some point you may well have beed dead centre on their crosshairs!
    are there any boar in the area they love cakes or anything sweet?

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    there are now two kids, hansel and grettle, unable to find their way home. hope your pleased with yourself

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    You want to stop picking those magic mushrooms ,your loosing the plot .

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    It seems like the bait worked well for the intended quarry after all...

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