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Thread: Game/trail cams with mobile simm

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    Game/trail cams with mobile simm

    Do any of you have actual experience with any of the cameras that can email/MMS pics to you?

    I see Scoutguard offer the SG550M which looks interesting, but if I am to spend that kind of money I want it to work well!

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    A farmer friend of mine has one of these trail cams, not sure what brand. Its sends a MMS to his phone when ever someone or something is captured. He has them about his land and farm, so he can zoom out and catch anyone about his property. The picture quality is good on the text. But its even better when you go to the camera and down load the card. Some really good photos of animals and a coupe of people captured too. I think his cost a few hundred pounds.

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    There is a review of one in this months Sporting rifle...Looks a great bit of kit. He said taht withina couple of minutes he got a text with a clear image. he set it up on the far side of a piece of woodland, camped out. Got a text in the am with a Munty buck showing on it. Walked around and it was still there.

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    I saw that review in the magazine, and let's just say that I do try not to spend my cash based solely on magazine articles. Been bitten too often, those guys have agendas.

    I did search Google etc, but I wonder if that model is too new to have had much exposure yet.

    Any other devices to consider?

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