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Thread: Save powder or go for muzzle velocity??

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    Save powder or go for muzzle velocity??

    Hi all.
    I've just come back from testing 3 new loads in;-
    Sako 75 Hunter
    Winchester brass
    V.V Primers
    V.V. N140
    Speer 100gn BTSP Heads.
    Here's the question though;-
    34 gns---sub 3/4 inch
    35 grns---sub 1/2 inch
    36 grns---sub 1/2 inch

    I.m more than happy with the 35/36 groups, so do i stick with the
    35 and save powder or do i go for 36 and achieve a slightly better MV??
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
    P.S. I don't have a chrono, so don't know the MV for any of the above loads.

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    It doesn't mater you will need to learn the drop either way, it doesn't mater what the drop is as long as you know what it is. the differance will not be that much. Personaly for the price of 1 grain of 140 about 1/2p I would load up a bit but either way it is not important ans long as you have the accuracy.


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    I would go for the load that best fills the case with powder AND gives the best accuracy and not the load that uses the least powder....unless it nevertheless fills the case well.

    Most powders works best with a nearly full case rather than an only partly full case. So I would maybe stick with the 35 grain load or "split the difference" and use 35.5 grains!

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    What cal are you shooting(looks like .243?)? Could you try 37g or is that pushing the maximum? May not improve the accuracy but if its within safe load, remains at 1/2" at 100 yards then the bullet drop will be reduce at further distances and increased velocity/killing power for minimum extra cost.

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    If you have tested your qroups at 100yrds, now see which load performs best at 200, then decide.

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    Doubt 1 or 2 gr of powder is going to amount to much of an economy.

    My tuppence would be find someone with a chrono, my experience is that loads are almost always slower than people think they are and with the 100gr .243, this may be the difference between legal and not considering where you live...

    In your case, I'd use the load that goes the fastest without compromising accuracy too much.

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    I had exactly same situation this week and went for lighter load as hardly any difference in the groupings, the deer dont complain.

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    I would be willing to wager that your shot to shot velocity variation would exceed the velocity increase you'd get with one extra grain of powder. ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I would be willing to wager that your shot to shot velocity variation would exceed the velocity increase you'd get with one extra grain of powder. ~Muir
    Hmmm... With more knowledge of his practice and kit I might be willing to take that wager. A gr is likely to add about 70'ish fps in that load, spread on a good load should be less than 20fps...

    All pretty academic but if the load isn't legal, it isn't legal and I doubt they'd chrono 5 loads and take the average...

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    The big question is "ARE THERE ANY SIGNS OF EXCESSIVE PRESSURE" If yes back off a bit on charge, If no you can increase charge & get better velocity.

    Without a chrono all you can do is learn your drop from 100 to say 300 yards by shooting groups of say 10 rounds at each range - Then you can work the ballistics backwards to make an estimation of velocity.
    The crunch is you will still be uncertain and the cost of a chrono is soon paid for at 1 per round whilst banging away proving things. So take the plunge & buy one - makes most sense.


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