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    I have just recently needed to wear my specs more and more (old age I am told). No problem looking through binos with specs but on looking through scope the vision appears oval rather than round. No problem hitting target but just very strange.
    Is this normal or just me?

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    I'm a specs wearer and don't have the problem - but then I have been shooting with specs since I was 13. I suspect that when behind the rifle, using the scope, you are looking through the top of the specs lens, rather than the centre, which distorts the image, especially if you are prone. If you are going for a good firm cheek to stock 'weld' it is probably inevitable. Try holding your head more upright and square on to the scope - that may help. You may need to build up or adjust the comb of the stock to ensure you get a constant sight picture.

    You may want to have a natter with an optician that knows about shooting sports and he would be able to get lenses ground to counter the problem (if that is what it is).

    Otherwise if you are still shooting OK and hitting the right spot, stuff it - crack on!

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    I think Bandit country has sussed your problem.

    I wear vari focals and use small frames, is is uncomfortable to try and focus through the scope for a long shot as I have to look through the top of the lenses not through the centre as for binoculars. My quick, easy, cheap and effective solution is to slip my glasses slightly down ny nose with one finger, focus and shoot. For quick shots at close deer you don't need to bother, its all over before you think about the problem.

    I don't see as many deer as other people seem to, maybe it's the white stick and the constant tapping that alerts them!


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    I suffer a similar problem being a spec wearer but have found a solution that helps most of the time. (The problem only occures when prone as suggested about).

    Once settled in position to take the the shot I move the glasses on my head, push them back on the right side (I am right handed). This changes the alignment of the glasses and my eye a little and the site picture in the scope is perfect.

    I hope that makes sense. Try moving the glasses on your head to slightly different positions when looking through the scope and see if it improoves anything.


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    I recall an Irish professional snooker player (not the drunk one, the other one) who had his specs enlarged at the top so they almost looked like they were on upside down. He had the same problem of distortion looking over/through the top of his lenses when down behind the cue.

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    Cheers Guys, Seems logical and begs the question. Why did I not think of that? Not just the eye sight that is getting old!!

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