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Thread: Last level 2 Outing

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    Last level 2 Outing

    Was out this morning with 6 pointer. Object to complete my DSC Level2 witnessed stalks.

    Not a lot about for such a perfect morning but we came up trumps with a nice young buck that ran towards us before i even tried the call. It stopped about 60yards away in deep barley.
    Only chance was a neck shot, got the nod and business over.
    Really quite exciting and when he was first spotted he was at least 500 yards away so the stalk was good stuff.

    Thanks to 6 pointer and Ria and if Red Dot is reading this check your PM


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    Well done mate!!!


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    No problem mate you have worked hard for it and had to put up with the summer cover that always puts frustration in to the mix. 3 deer from 5 outings is not at all bad . Good shooting also and the Taxidermy boys will not want the last one lol. Glad you liked the wee dog and didnt find her annoying as she is still only a puppy.

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    sounds like a good morning out mate

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