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Thread: Anschutz 1730 D KL Monte Carlo .22 Hornet rifle

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    Anschutz 1730 D KL Monte Carlo .22 Hornet rifle

    Im advertising this for a good mate of mine. Has owned it for just over a year and it's only been out of the cabinet a few times. It really is a stunning, well made rifle and if I had the room in the cabinet and the slot on my ticket id be buying it.

    It has the Monte Carlo walnut stock with roll-over cheek piece, Schnabel tipped foreend, pistol grip cap of rosewood with white diamond inlay and white spacer, hand checkering at pistol grip and foreend, with bordering; grooved black polymer butt plate with white spacer and swivel studs. The stock is oiled with lovely grain and is in fantastic condition.

    The action is Model 54 Match action and is again in fantastic condition. The Barrel is full length and screw cut for mod. The barrel is in great condition with no noticable marks to the blueing.

    The trigger is the Anschutz Match Single stage (fully adjustable from 2 to 4.4 lbs).

    The action has an 11 mm receiver rail and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts to fit.

    Comes complete with one five shot mag.


    Drop me a PM if you are intrested or have any questions. Thanks Steve

    *Scope & bipod not included!

    Once the rifle sells he will also have the following for sale;

    *ATEC CMM4-AL .22 Sound Moderator
    *RCBS .22 Hornet Die set (Full length & seating)
    *22 Hornet Bore Guide

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    Someone must no somebody thats looking for a Hornet? Ideal first centrefire rifle.

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    Steve, I would love it. Don't know if I would get another CF on ticket here currently, otherwise I would have it in a heartbeat.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Looking on with envy, I was silly enough to drop my Hornet from my FAC. I regret it due to the fact that the ground i used it on has came back to me and i cant help but wish i had my Hornet with me.


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    I bought this from Tom or rather his father, Tom did not have it on his ticket and as such was not the holder for one year,
    the gun was more than 10 years old.

    I feel you have misrepresented this gun on the forum, I agreed to pay the asking based on then information provided here, and was backed into a corner for re-negotiating a more realistic figure for this bearing in mind its age, as Tom and his father had travelled to bring the gun to me I paid the agreed full price, although I felt I had been had.

    I would respectfully suggest you are sure of your facts next time you advertise an item for sale, the gun is in good condition showing little use but that does not excuse the way I was misled as to its age and true ownership.


    copy pm'd

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    i almost bought this glad i did not i would have been real upset ?????


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    Yet another sad story......HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!
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    Our mission.......Customer satisfaction......plain and simple.

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    Flyboy, as stated in my reply PM. The age and the specifics around who was the registered keeper was explained to you 2 weeks prior to you making the purchase, you still decided to make the purchase so I am unclear what your issue is. The rifle was exactly as described in the advert and you were informed of the age and the ownership well before you decided to purchase. The owner is my fried (as stated in the advert) his son did own it before him and its been used maybe twice since my fired bought it. Tom took responsibility for the discussions with you(due to his dads ill health) and made sure that you were clear on who owns it and the age of the rifle. Nobody forced you to buy it, your clearly happy with the condition of the rilfe (as stated in the advert, excellent condition).
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