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Thread: Bore guide

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    Bore guide

    Hi Guys,

    I've heard several people mention that a bore guide is an essential piece of cleaning kit. Having never heard of them my question is; are they "essential" as some would suggest and what is there purpose. Where can i get one from?


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    The late moe243 got me started on using these as well as bore foam.


    There are cheaper options than this.

    It's not mission critical, but if you have spent a fortune on a good rifle, why risk damaging the rifling with a cleaning rod? Also when using solvents, it helps to keep the solvents away from the magazine/trigger etc. Beware that bore guides for Sako 75s require a smaller diameter collar as their bolts are slimmer.

    Regards JCS

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    bore guides

    try sinclair international

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    Thanks for the reply mate,

    What sort of damage could result in NOT using a bore guide?


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    I use one to make sure the cleaning rod goes straight in to the centre of the barrel and also to keep the solvents/oils out of the trigger mechanism and magazine housing like JCS has said. It was explained to me that if the solvents get in to the trigger mechanism they can have an adverse effect on some of the parts in there because you can't clean it out like you do when you use solvents in the barrel.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I'll be looking into getting one very soon.

    Cheers again,


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    Or better yet, don't clean it with a rod!~Muir

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    Clean what when

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    Maybe I'm crazy, but I knock the primer out of a 20g shotgun cartridge (used) and shove it into the back of the action, in my Sako 75 because they're plastic, they'll flex and fit as necessary, stick it in around 3/4" and you're good to go!

    personally, I see no reason to use any other bore guide or spend money on one, but then again, maybe I'm crazy

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    I recently got a bore guide from these guys.

    Very helpful, first class service.



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