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Thread: Australian Hunting

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    Australian Hunting

    Hi All,

    Recently got back from a business/holiday trip to Australia. Luckily, I managed to organise a few days hunting with a good friend who's parents own a property in the middle of nowhere.

    This property is in very rural NSW and although only 25miles from the tar road, it takes almost 1.5 hrs to do this last section. The farm has a small hut which houses a fireplace, basin, sleeping area and food storage area. No electricity, running water or mobile signal.

    We climbed the hills looking for goats and concentrated on the lower areas for pigs. There are a few fallow in the area but we didn't see any.

    The goats were pretty easy to find and we managed to cull a few of them. The goats breed all year round and are a pest so the population needs to be managed. Over the 4 days i managed to get 5 goats and my mate another 5. My 5 goats were shot with a .223 which performed well with winchester ammo. We found a lot of signs of pig activity but didnt see any. Over the 4 days i must have seen several hundred kangaroos but we didnt shoot any.

    Here are a few photos:


    My first Goat

    More goats

    Goat shot on edge of cliff at last light

    Goat Track

    The Hut

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    You look like you were thoroughly enjoying yourself out there. Do the goats go for human consumption?

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    If you want to cull goats take a short hop over the water to NZ, we shot 30 in a afternoon, it would of been more but we ran out of ammo

    Best rgds


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    That big smile says a lot about you trip, from the photos it looks fantastic

    Well Done

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