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Thread: BRNO ZKK 601 Zero Problem

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    BRNO ZKK 601 Zero Problem

    I am having trouble zeroing my 1967 BRNO 308. I have tried Sako FMJ rounds with some success, and Sako softpoint 180gr with random results. Pretty much the rifle zeroed with the fmj, fired randomly within a 6 inch circle with the SP and when I went back to the fmj the results were nearly as bad as the SP. This was over the course of about 2 hours.

    I will try the mount screws for tightness and other screws on the rifle as it has recently been screwcut for an ATech moderator which would involve I suppose stripping the rifle down.

    If anyone has experience of this rifle could they suggest ammunition that is suitable as at 35 a box(ish) I cant afford to go through every brand!

    Many thanks


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    did i shoot ok before being Screw cut ??????? after checking ALL screw's etc are tight shoot it without the Mod also check with who done the screw cutting it was recrowned. I had a right Mair with a rifle of mine till Dennis Groomes (from this site) sorted the thread and Crown out.

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    My friend did suggest doing this next time.. Unfortunately I did not shoot the rifle prior to screwcutting as my FAC hadn't come through so I could not take delivery from RFD.

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    As per PM....................... first clean the bore back to bare metal then do our testing.. It's possible that there is a build up of carbon and copper fouling which is effecting the rifles performance. Also try some 150 grain or 165 grain ammunition as my own ZKK 601 in .308 Winchester does not seem to like many 180 grain loads. As the rifle has been apart you also need to check it's been seated back into the bedding correctly and the screws tightened correctly...................... back to basics and work through it step by step.

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    Good advice - I will try it all!

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    A couple of thoughts. Try RWS ammunition. Secondly, although the focus is rightly on the work that's just been done, are the scope and mounts proven?

    Good luck. JCS

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    Have had 1x ZKK 601 in 243 and 2x ZKK 600 in 270.

    I found that the gun likes ALL the screws done up tight and in the case of one with a forend screw going into the barrel that done up tight also.

    None of my rifles were screw cut.

    With one of the ZKK 600 rifles in 270 I shot poor groups with the 'scope sight fitted. Yet all the screws were done up tight. This was one of the original Zeiss-Jena on the bespoke BRNO mounts.

    So in desperation took them off and shot a group with the iron sights.

    Three rounds, touching, at a true 100 yards with the rifle shot from sandbags!

    Changed the 'scope sight for another Zeiss-Jena and the problem was gone. The reticule inside the originally fitted 'scope was moving ever so slightly under recoil from shot to shot.

    However as others say I would after checking screws check to see if the muzzle crown is OK.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just been to my RFD and bought some 009 & Forrest Foam. Will try this as well as tighten up all screws. My scope is a Swarovski Habicht 6 x 42, though old still has a lifetime guarantee? Maybe if all else fails I can see if Swarovski will check out the scope.

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    Also I bought some Remington & Norma 150gr rounds to try also.

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    Hi steve, did you try it without the atec . screw it off and see what your groups are like then..never worry about zero just see if it puts them all in the same place. atec mods are mounted on the very end of the barrel and if the thread is of even a very small amount it can clip the sides on the way out . I have had this problem with a factory threaded barrel on a brand new rifle, shoots fine without a mod and shoots fine with a wildcat which comes down over the barrel to keep it in line..

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