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Thread: Shooting in progress signs??

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    Question Shooting in progress signs??

    Does anyone use "shooting in progress" signs when out stalking/foxing???


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    Dont use them for stalking, but use them when rough shooting.

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    What info does it have on it mate?
    Do you put a contact number on it??


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    Check out latest update to Scottish Best Practice Guide.


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    might have to soon !! boss's son riding round shoot at 830pm on his push bike i am out with my 308 oops sorry boss i shot your one and only son ,i was well pis*ed off it only takes a text message .think i need a drink

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    use them but dont put numbers,as there are small minded people out there totally against stalking or shooting of feather or fur.they are just looking for a way to show they dont like what we do,one way to ruin your day with a fone call to irrate you.

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    No I don't have a contact number on them, athough that may be a good idea just read SHOOTING IN PROGRESS and the date, use Dymo printer to print date and stick to sign, can be peeled off and fresh date stuck on, signs are just printed on A4 and laminated.

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    Thanks for the info lads


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    Interestingly, at our rebrief for our FC lease, the FC briefed us to stop putting up signs. An unusual display of common sense by a public body. Regards JCS

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    What works for their nocturnal activities does not necessarily work for your daytime sporting ones.

    The current Best Practice Guide will cover you for most things legal, if you follow it.

    Now, if an anti has your car registration and hears you fire a shot and "reports" you as having caused him/her distress then the use of a sign should be in your support, the lack of one only adds support to the anti.

    Applies to Scotland because of the R2R.


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