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    Hello from Denmark
    (sorry if i spell things wrong, as i`m a Dane)

    Have been a hunter for the last 30 years, primary riffel hunting. In 2009 and 2010 i started hunting in the UK, and that`s the reason why i joined this forum. Love hunting Red deers, Roe deers, Fallow deers and Wild boars. Driven hunt, stands and stalking all included. Polen is still my nr. 1. due to the high population of deers. But have been hunting in Sweden, Germany and Hungary as well, and of course in Denmark. Canīt wait untill the 1th of Sept. when the hunting season for Red stags starts in Denmark. Hope the introduction was enough...

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    Welcome mrhunter, I see you are another 30.06 user. I shoot a lot of deer in the UK and also regularly go abroad, mainly to Germany to drive boar.
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    Welcome to the site.

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    Hi Dane, Welcome Here, i am also new in this forum i get some good ideas and information here,
    good community here and very friendly enviroment here, i think you cannot get boring here.

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    Welcome to the site mrhunter, we're getting quite a few scandinavians on the forum now

    Looking forward to see some photo's and stories from your hunts in Denmark.

    Skitt jakt!

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