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Thread: Fly Zapper?

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    Fly Zapper?

    Are there any models out there that you guys would recommend,(the UV light things)? The blue bottles do my head in! I'm needing one for the kitchen and the shed where I hang the odd deer thanks in advance for any replies!

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    Hi CZ

    I've just bought two Eazyzap killers from here ( I've one of the smaller ones in the house and a larger unit in the barn. I've only had them a few weeks so can't comment on their durability, but they are killing flies ok (also work on midges but it's a bit tricky carrying the zapper and a rifle ).


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    I use a good variety of these fly killers for work. Eurozap ones are very similar to these. Personally i would go for the eazyzap one out of the two as the eurozap is plastic and after a while the plastic discolours and goes brittle. Its worth replacing the tubes annually as although they are still alight the balck light they emit reduces with time. If you want to get midges as well i would go for a sticky board one as on some units they can fly between the bars and dont get got.

    Regards pj

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    Thanks guys! Easyzap it is!

    Harry, what size did you get for the house?

    Thanks again!

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    Hi CZ

    I got the smaller one (2*6W) for the house and the medium (2*15) for the barn - check on the Nisbets website and it gives you square footage recommendations for each size. I splashed out a bit and got the stainless steel version in the hope of getting a longer life from them. I put the one in the house in the hallway to kill the flies and especially midges ( I'm on the Scots Border near Newcastleton so we've plenty of midges) that the dogs bring in of an evening and the one in the barn keeps things manageable for any sickly sheep I have to bring in. Both kill flies and midges but have to clean the outside one daily in midgey weather.



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