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Thread: Wild Goats

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    Wild Goats

    Does anyone know of any wild goat stalking in Scotland?
    And has anyone eaten them before.



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    hot potato this one,not to be aired on an open forum! I have a contact for goat stalking, great fun, and great to eat!
    send me pm.


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    Quote Originally Posted by griff
    hot potato this one,not to be aired on an open forum!
    please explain?

    short story about wild goat (and the smell ) in humble pie.

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    Just a quick explanation of why this a hot topic locally.
    The wild goats of galloway have a following by certain fanatics and any exscuse to make things "awkward" then they will do so. The people concerned shoot them on a low key and do not like adverse publicity as has happened in the past so you can understand my reluctance to blaze this across the www.
    These people are and have been good friends and I would not pass on any information that would compromise that.


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    Ummmm ..goat curry

    So what we talking for a day out after billy gaot gruff as I would fancy a bit of that myself Griff

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    Just sussed it it's those trolls Griffs after keeping out as they hide under bridges waiting for things that go clip clip and gobble them all up, so no curried billy with da rice un peas 4 mees ..

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    usually they charge 50 for the nannies and 100 for big billies..
    That was last years price..

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    Wild white goat of Wicklow.


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    interesting picture! the galloway goats have a different horn arrangement, they are swept back in straight line, some of the big billies get to 40", i'm sure that that they will be of the same ilk of the galloway wild goat in weight and colour but the horn is completly different.


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    Whilst most of the Galloway goats may be swept back like an Ibex not all are like that.
    Below is a pic. of a brace I shot in Galloway some years ago as the guest of a famous Galloway deer man.
    Over the years I shot goats there also on Islay and in Ireland.
    The Galloway ones I got were the darkest in colour of any I shot but one I shot in Co.Clare, Eire, was the longest.


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