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Thread: L2 - assessor contact

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    L2 - assessor contact

    In your experience how long does it normally take for an assessor to get in touch once the portfolio has been submiited? My portfolio was acknowledged mid June and I have not been contactyed yet. Does your assessor ALWAYS get in touch or if there is nothing to clarify then you are not contacted?
    I will ring the assessment centre shortly.

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    If the assessor is happy with the portfolio, and he will only be happy if it covers all the 'bullet points'. then there will be no need for him to contact you.
    It wouldn't hurt to contact the assessor just in case he 'out of the country on business' in the 'middle of a house move' or 'been ill for a few days'.
    I have also been told that as it is a 'Voluntary thing they do and have other jobs, so you can't expect them to just drop everything to do your portfolio'
    I think a 'phone call would clear it up for you.

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