It seems recently we have had another spate of provocative posts leading to threads being locked, complaints etc. so this post is to explain the Admin team's position on this.

We have backed off a bit lately and let threads run their course to see if things would stay nice however it has become clear that some members are still expressing their opinions in a way that is provocative, insulting or causes a thread to descend into unpleasantness.

This is against the ethos of our site here. Everyone is welcome to express their opinions but not in a way that is guaranteed to upset other members. There are ways of expressing an opinion without rubbishing someone else, their reputation or their products. It's called good manners and I refuse to believe that anyone with a firearms certificate is incapable of understanding what manners are!

We are proud of the fact that our site is different in this respect and we will not let certain individuals, some of whom have been given several chances already, to drag us down to to the base state that some other sites suffer.

If anyone has concerns over the conduct of another member please make use of the Report Post function, or PM one of the admin team rather than taking that individual to task directly. We will take whatever action is necessary. Please don't get upset if that action isn't what you hoped, but be assured that we will act in the best interests of the site. It is in our interests more than anyone's to keep this site free of the elements that ruin other sites.

Our position on this is now clear...

Any member who continues to post in a provocative manner in the main forum or by PM will be removed. The well-being of the site and the majority of the members as a whole is more important than one rude member. You have been warned.

To the majority of members who manage to get on here every day and participate without becoming involved in any trouble - thank you! It is you guys who make the site what it is, please don't give up on us!

all the best,

Malcolm, John and Alex