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Thread: Hello from Ireland!

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    Hello from Ireland!

    Hi folks,
    New to this site so i thought I'd say hello.
    I'm in my first full season of stalking this year, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

    All my stalking is located in County Wicklow.

    I managed to bag my first ever deer two weeks ago:

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!



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    Welcome to the site - it's full of friendly people and good info.

    Congratulations on the first deer by the way. It can often take a lot longer to get the first beast, so you're doing really well already!


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    Welcome, and well done on getting your first deer. Nice Sika spiker Look forward to hearing more about your stalking in Ireland.



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    Hello Mr Fudd
    Spoke with you on boards, glad to see you made it. No abuse from antis on here!

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    Alright elmer, another guy from the boards here! the lads on here are THE BEST, they quite literally know everything about deer and everything to do with them, fáílte!

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    Welcome Adam,
    nice spike you got yourself.
    What rifle and scope do you have there?
    You'll enjoy this site.

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    Well this site is turing into the boards hangout
    im fairly new to the site myself
    but the lads here are really sound
    id say we'll all learn something new here

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