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Thread: Clegs

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    Has anyone else been mobbed by clegs lately?

    I was out for about four hours yesterday, and swatted dozens, never seen numbers like it.

    As far as I can tell, I only picked up one bite, on the back through a T-shirt, but it certainly puts you off shooting, when you've got the cross hairs lined up, and you hear their wings whizzing past your ear!

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    yes my ground just over border i got hit 3 times in an hour on saturday and god they hurt lol

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    An old jungle trick - put some tiger balm on the bite to take away the stinging. Unfortunately I won't be able to get some until tonight. Ouch!

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    If it's one of these I'd be first in the queue to have a swat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post

    If it's one of these I'd be first in the queue to have a swat!

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    +1 I'd say you'd need more than Tiger Balm !!!

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Got bitten on the back of the head whilst cutting the grass on Monday night...........swollen up like a marble.
    Between them and the midges, I don't know whats the worst.
    My mate was bitten last weekend a MILE out to sea in the boat, they get bloody everywhere !!!

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    I got bitten on the shoulder, hand and ......FACE the other weekend, the hand was OK , but still got marks on face and shoulder I seem to react badly to them nowadays.

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    We have plenty here also and i have a bit on my inner thigh that looks like it will need some attention. Dirty wee beggers.

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    Definitely agree that the numbers are up, never had so many clegg bites than this year.

    The wee bassa's even bit me through my macwet gloves a couple weeks ago.

    My two young boys have been blighted with them whilst being out and about, wonder why there seems to be so many around this year???

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    I got munched up North in Sutherland on Tuesday, it was quite still and i've never seen clegs like it. The lad I was with had no midge vail or gloves... ooops

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