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Thread: Colouring Muntjac antlers and do you bleach the tusks?

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    Colouring Muntjac antlers and do you bleach the tusks?

    Right well after shooting my first muntjac on tuesday I have skinned, boiled, cleaned and am currently bleaching the skull and have a couple of small questions.

    Firstly when it comes to colouring the antlers can you use potassium permanganate as you would with say a roe? also can someone post some pics of muntjac antlers as a colour guide for me?

    Secondly do you bleach the tusks to make them white or not? I am planing on have a full skull (lower jaw as well) loose, not mounted so will glue the tusks back in.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yes to PP, no to the tusks.

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    Yes to PP but only in certain areas not all over, and no do not bleach the tusks.

    Good luck

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    Thanks wont do the tusks then. And yes as for colour i've been looking through the gallery and it looks like a little bit all over then more in the grooves Just need to order some of the web as none of the local pharmacies stocked it apart from lloyds who wanted 17.99 for some in tablet for!!!


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    I always bleach the tusks. Cant see that it makes any real difference.
    Also find that pre bleaching the skull a soak for a few days in water with fairy liquid and a dishwasher tablet gets rid of any yellowing caused by fat... (you wont notice you have any until its completely dry).

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    Heres how the buck is looking so far he was a nice representative buck under the velvet and it look nice now its cleaned up.


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    I gave it a go and im fairly happy with the result. For a first time with no antlers for reference they turned out okay and look a little better in the flesh.


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