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Thread: fac via postman pat

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    fac via postman pat

    Ive just sent my ticket back to lacs plod for a named mentor to be removed ,

    On her way out this morning the wife said do you want that posting ?

    Yes please my old swamp duck .

    Now she tell me she gave it to pat the postman who comes to her office .

    Its not registered , no signature or jack all ,

    Am i in lumber with lancs again ?

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    it doesn't have to be registered post, when they send it back to you it will be 2nd class
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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    it doesn't have to be registered post, when they send it back to you it will be 2nd class
    Yeah they always come back by snail mail...I always send recorded though just in case..Im sure it will get there ok.

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    The issue that may arise is if your post does not get to the designated place and ticket is lost
    Proof of postage covers your back
    and that is the main thing, making sure you hav your back covered
    hopefully all will be fine
    just give your FEO a call next week to see if they hav recieved it, just as a courtesy call

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    The only time recorded is legally prescribed is when notifying them of purchase or sale of a weapon. Other than that you can send it by pigeon if you want. Of course if the ticket goes walkies then you might have a few questions to answer, but there's no actual legal requirement to send it recorded. Check in a week or so that it has arrived, and if not then you'll probably need to report it stolen/missing.

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    Wife lost her SGC. Rang North Yorks police, she sent a cheque and they posted her a new one. Didn't ask where it had gone, only told her if the old one turns up to return it to them.

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