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    Whats the difference between brass and nickel plated brass why does it cost more.

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    If using Nickel plated brass for reloading, it can flake off and and end up in the bore.
    I have used a lot of Nickel plated rounds collecting the brass for reloading, only to be advised they might not be the best choice for the above reason.
    Extra cost would be for the extra work to plate the brass cartridge.

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    Nickel plating is more often than not used for purely cosmetic reasons in so-called 'premium ammunition'. It has a valid use in some applications to prevent surface corrosion in humid tropical climates. It's a thoroughly bad feature for the handloader as it alters the case metal's behaviour and basic metallic structure, can flake off and ruin sizer dies, and cases are far more likely to crack in the neck and shoulder areas after one of two loadings.

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    Nickel plated ammunition is favoured by those who may have to carry a loaded pistol and spare ammunition day in and day out week after week. Such as personnel in US police departments.

    As it does not corrode (especially if in contact with leather) then it should, in theory, eject and load into the officer's pistol without failure.

    For British stalkers who are reloaders of rifles (and handguns) Laurie is spot-on it is more bother than any benefit it might bring.

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    you are absolutely right ,I was given Nickel plated 223 cases,they do split at the neck after about three reloads however waste not want not so I bin them after two reloads at the practice targets,my hunting brass is Norma. stick to what is reliable.

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