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Thread: Deer Permission Wanted in Devon & Surrounding Area

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    Deer Permission Wanted in Devon & Surrounding Area

    Young trustworthy professional looking for stalking rights in devon & the surrounding area. Im Fully licensed and Insured and currently hold DSC Level 1. I also shoot with a 243 and have around 10years Shooting experience. If anyone can help please get in touch.


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    welcome to the site. But i think you missed the INTRODUCTION BIT ???????? if i am wrong SORRY

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    Hi.. And thanks i have just updated it.

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    No probs mate enjoy the site

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    I was in the same position as you a couple of years ago is very frustrating trying to find your first bit of stalking ground. I would suggest joining the BDS or similar and going along to some meetings. Your more likely to be offered a stalk or shoot invitation when people get to know you {as well as the fact they are very interesting}. I was very lucky that a local guy taught me the basics and subsequently sorted me out with a nice bit of ground.........Another site member is kindly putting me through my L2 at the moment. Opportunities are there, sometimes just difficult to find.

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